Custom Bike Fit

Magnum Multisport offers the most comprehensive cycling analysis service in Florida.

If you want to get the most out of the time on your bike, a bike fit is an important starting point.

get-fitOur bike fit will optimize your riding position, eliminate niggles and/or help you decide on which bike suits your requirements. Above all, it will ensure that you are riding comfortably and efficiently.

Your bike fit will take around 3 hours one-on-one with Tom, our highly knowledgeable bike fitter (he is also an experienced triathlete, roadie, and mountain biker).

You will spend most of the session on our Fit Bike, although we suggest you also bring your own too, so that we can implement the recommended adjustments.

The information that you get to take away will include our observations and recommendations as well as all the measurements you need to set up any bike to your recommended position. If we don’t carry a bike that suits you, we will recommend what would work for you elsewhere.

We always say that bike fitting is a process and not an event and we recommend regular follow-up appointments to check if any changes are needed to your new position. This is important should your body or goals change, and especially for newbies – often what is most comfortable and efficient when you start out will change as you gain experience with time in the saddle.

Position Analysis

Bike FitThe Fit Bike will be set up to replicate your bike if you have it with you or to a starting position. You will be given the opportunity to warm up – a bike fit can be a workout!

Tom will explain each step and the measurements being taken, and show you where adjustments can be made to bike dimensions. He will also consider your posture and pedaling technique to help you improve your cycling efficiency.
You will be on the Fit Bike for up to an hour with a process of Tom making adjustments to your saddle and handlebar positions in order to determine your optimal position. Your feedback will be vital at all stages.

custom-fitTom will also analyze your shoe and cleat set up in order to optimize the power transfer with each pedal stroke. If you need new shoes or pedals, these can be set up during the appointment. Where appropriate, we will recommend custom-molded footbeds to stablise the foot and/or maximize power transfer – and for comfort!

Crank length is adjustable on our Fit Bike, which means we can further fine-tune your fit.

We will work with you based on your feedback to select your saddle for comfort and pelvic support. The Fit Bike allows saddles to be swapped in seconds.

Saddle Selection

saddlesSaddle type and position is often the biggest determinant of comfort.  We have a wide range of saddles for you to try and the Fit Bike allows saddles to be swapped on and off in seconds.  Working together, we will find you a saddle that is comfortable day after day.

Demo saddles are also available to try out on your next ride.

Please bring your bike with you for the saddle fitting.

Shoe & Cleat Set up

cleatsYour shoe and cleat set up is important – they affect the transfer of power with every stroke of your pedal.

If you are happy with your bike fit, but want to make sure your shoes are adjusted correctly for comfort, performance, and injury prevention, this is for you. Tom will inspect and measure the size of your feet, forefoot angle and advise on the correct shoe.

We also highly recommend having a shoe and cleat set up when purchasing new shoes. We carry Lake Cycling shoes. If you are happy with your current shoes, we can set them up properly for you.

We will set the cleats in the correct position and make any adjustments to ensure optimum performance.  We also make custom-molded footbeds for internal support and fit wedges where appropriate to improve knee tracking and pedaling dynamics.

Please bring your bike with you.

Custom Foot Balance Footbeds

custom-footbedA custom-molded footbed will support your foot in the shoe and give you more stability, reduce unnecessary movement at the foot and ankle during pedaling and improve efficiency. The foot/shoe/pedal interface is a crucial element of the Magnum Multisport Bike Fit.  We custom-mold Foot Balance footbeds right on site.

Please bring your shoes with you so we can fit the footbeds to them.